The Pleasantrip Affiliate Programme presents an opportunity for you to participate in a unique business model where you can refer fellow travel agents and earn more for life. Simply refer a client to sign up and book with us and you automatically qualify for Affiliate status. It's that simple!


At Pleasantrip we believe the best way of advertising is word of mouth. Companies usually have a 10-20% budget for advertising and instead of spending it on media (newspapers, TV channels, etc.) we want to share it with you for helping grow our business.

How it works?

As a Pleasantrip Affiliate you keep earning for life every time an agent that you have referred makes a booking with us. There is no limit on the number of agents that you can refer, meaning the more referrals you make, the more earning potential you can realize.

The table below illustrates how much you can potentially earn by becoming a Pleasantrip Affiliate.

You Refer No. of Tickets
Booked on
a daily basis
Your Earnings per

Your Earnings per

Your Earnings per
10 Agents 10 1000 26000 312000
20 Agents 10 2000 52000 624000
30 Agents 10 3000 78000 936000
50 Agents 10 5000 130000 1560000


+ Earnings table above based on assumptions of 10 bookings per day with an average fare of Rs.5000/pax.

+ Monthly earnings assume 26 business days per month.

Get Started

1. Open an account with Pleasantrip and get yourself a unique User ID. This ID will enable you to log on to and also refer people to Pleasantrip.

2. Once you have the Pleasantrip ID, login to your account and access the 'Affiliate Program' page. Enter your referral details here. You could also send him the default email on the Affiliate Program page or give your friend a call to let him know someone from Pleasantrip would try and reach him.

3. Get an up-to-date status on Account Opening under the Referral Status Link, which would be updated online by our Sales Team after you've made the referral.

4. Once your referral starts booking tickets, get a credit of certain percentage of commission revenue generated by the client to Pleasantrip and the same is credited on a quarterly basis to your account.

5. Generate revenue as long as your referred clients keep booking with us.

Let’s Grow Together

Speak to a Pleasantrip Sales Executive or send an email to to learn more.

*Terms and conditions

• The share percentage depends on the revenue generated by the referral which ranges from 10% - 20% of it.

• The travel agents have to do a minimum transaction of Rs. 100,000/month including all services for at least a period of 6 months.

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